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My father is an air con technician for 48 years and he has been struggling with this air con business not due to his skills, but due to his kind heartedness and his integrity. He is the best and the most responsible technician I have ever seen in my 37 years of life. He got cheated by many main contractors who fed on his illiteracy and knew that even if they don't pay him, he will still complete the job as he was tasked to do so.

As such, our family gotten into debt as he struggled to make ends meet. Even though my Dad is in debt, he never once cheated any customer and educate me to hold values over monetary gain. Knowing that he is not business minded enough, he chose to work with my Mum for servicing and installation of air con instead of employing staff for the next 10 years. And that's when my parents was known as the Air Con Uncle and Auntie..

Fast forward to 2 years back, knowing my Dad has lost all faith in the industry as he saw how scammer gotten rich and he who holds his integrity wasn't even able to afford a decent car, he told me decided to give up the trade. Such words coming out from his mouth must be remarkably painful for him, air con is all his world and he was very dedicated to the industry, when we were out shopping he will always go to electrical appliances shop and starts to explain the different part of air con or pricing of each brands to me and my 2 younger sisters.

I can't disappoint him, I need to show him that EVEN with honestly and not scamming customer, we can have a good life too! So! I decided to give up my job and to remodel this business base on his values; Honestly, Integrity, Compassion and hence, the brand Air Con Uncle was born.

And now, with 10,000 organic Likes and numerous satisfied customers telling us how they like our honestly and never did we recommend services that are not required, I truly thank all of you for making this happen, You guys made my Dad believes that even if we don't scam our customers we still can craft an edge over our competitions. I really thank you for all this.

Air Con Uncle has become a spirit in a sense that everyone in our company is following my Dad's philosophy, but my Dad will always be known to be the 1 that started it all.. So... my dear customers.. let me reveal... the Real Air Con Uncle..

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